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Does anyone know how to reset a sony vaio laptop?

Does anyone know how to reset a sony vaio laptop?
I have a sony vaio laptop that's about 4 yrs old. I want to wipe it out back to factory setting . Does anyone know how to reset it or how to get to the page with the option to reset it?
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1: Backup all your files to cd/dvd. This is a bit harder than a external drive, but once burnt the malware can't hop around like it can on re-writable media. 2: Consult your PC vendor site how to do a "factory restore". Old machines used a disk, new ones have a encrypted locked partition on the drive someplace usually called "Recovery" 3: Note that your going to lose everything, that's the object. And get the machine like it was when you bought it. The anti-virus is going to be old, programs on it are vulnerable and so forth. These all your going to have to remove, along with the PC vendor bloat, games and other garbage. In your Add/Remove Programs. Enable your Windows Firewall. 4: Now get online with a wired Ethernet connection to a fast Internet service at home, because (Vista over 200 updates, 2 days) and Windows 7 (SP1 + Win Live, a few hours) is going to take some time. You need power and you need to set the /screensaver monitor NOT to activate/sleep or else you going to miss stuff and be stuck waiting. Install free Microsoft Security Essentials when you get the chance and activate it. Watch out when doing Win 7 SP1, if it seems to stop, there is a Windows Live window behind the update window that needs to be "ok-ed" before it continues. Vista updates are going to be especially painful, just rinse, reboot and repeat over and over until you get them all and there is nothing more it will give. You must keep clicking the "check for updates" because it will lie to you and say no more when there are many, many more. :) 5: Once the updating pain is over, you need to do a Windows Disk Cleanup and a Defrag. This can take hours. Will make Vista faster. 6: Next you head to Performance > Advanced Setting and tone down Windows eye candy. Set to custom and delete everything but four options, the thumbnails, font and box smoothing and the last one. (or Windows will look like basic XP) 7: Make sure you do a System Restore Point of this "pristine" and very fast Windows. If you have the ability to make System Restore Disks and Images to DVD's DO IT!! Save yourself having to do this again one day. 8: Optional and recommended programs: Flash, Java, FoxItReader (pdf), Firefox 4 (fastest and the best) VLC, LibreOffice. CCleaner. Recommended sites: Qualy's Browser Check/ Mozilla Browser Check. 9: If your computer is still slow, check the RAM. Vista needs about 2GB. So add more from Crucial.com to make sure you get the right specs for your computer. 10: Do a malware scan of the external drive/cd/dvd's before transferring files, download new versions of programs from fresh sources. Use a Mac or Linux machine to scan for malware if all possible as they are much safer operating systems by default.
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use the system recovery or recovery counsel----------- not system restore it is in your start menu or google your model # system recovery it is there . why didn't you read the user guide to your pc ? please next time tell use if your on vista,win 7 or xp. our answer will be better for you
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We can restore the notebook to factory settings using Recovery Centre in Sony VAIO notebook. Visit the below link for more information: http://notebook-solutions.blogspot.com/2009/06/performing-system-recovery-in-vista.html

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